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Stories of Courage, Perseverance and Silver Linings There is a saying: the hardest steel goes into the hottest furnace. I believe that we can always overcome adversities. These struggles can come in many forms. I decided that I need to start reaching out to people who have overcome these adversities, and learn from them how they used these difficulties as a stepping stoneā€¦ how these setbacks changed their lives for the better. I record my conversations with them, so that YOU can also learn from these amazing individuals. Take notes, and take massive action to make our lives better!
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Jun 5, 2016

In this episode I interviewed Vincent Soo who I met during a personal branding workshop. We exchanged contact and I want to bring him on the podcast to share with us tips around relationship. He is a relationship coach. He is managing director of COACH Venture Pte Ltd. Coach Venture is a Social Enterprise that specializes in coaching and mentoring individuals and youths, especially at-risk youths/out-of-school youths/disadvantaged youths and ex-young offenders through personal development programmes and work skills training. 

Questions I asked during this episode:

  • How Vincent got into coaching.
  • Three most common relation problems and how to deal with these issues.
  • Activities for building connection between couples.
  • Relationship tip for children/teenager to have meaningful relationship with their parents.
  • Relationship tip for parents to have meaningful relationship with their children/teenager.
  • Relationship tip teenagers with their peers.
  • Relationship tip for working adults with their spouse.
  • Relationship tip for working adults with their bosses.

Books Mentioned in this Episode:

Vincent's Contact:

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