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Stories of Courage, Perseverance and Silver Linings There is a saying: the hardest steel goes into the hottest furnace. I believe that we can always overcome adversities. These struggles can come in many forms. I decided that I need to start reaching out to people who have overcome these adversities, and learn from them how they used these difficulties as a stepping stoneā€¦ how these setbacks changed their lives for the better. I record my conversations with them, so that YOU can also learn from these amazing individuals. Take notes, and take massive action to make our lives better!
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Jun 6, 2016
Hello Rebound Stronger listener!
Fauzi here. I have been thinking to document my journey in finding and building a business which I enjoy. Finally, I decided just do it.  I am recording this as my journal which also will help me to become more accountable. Feel free to  on me, if I don't do what I said I would do.  I also want to share here, perhaps there are things which I encountered or learned which might be useful for you. I am just going to call this Behind the Scene. Here we go, Behind the Scene episode Number 1
Feel free also to suggest what do you want me to discuss here, who I should interview for Rebound Stronger podcast.
Today, I am going to talk about few things
  1. Why I started my podcast, in addition to the reasons I mentioned in my episode number 1.
  2. What's going on lately in my life.
  3. What I learned today
Feel free to reach out to me.
Add me on facebook just search Fauzi Djauhari 
I'd like to have a conversation with you.  I make my calendar available, you can book a time on my calendar by going to 
If you haven't subscribe to the podcast, please do so, and help share to your friends and family if you believe the episode will help them.
Thank you very much for listening. Appreciate your time and have a great week ahead.
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