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Stories of Courage, Perseverance and Silver Linings There is a saying: the hardest steel goes into the hottest furnace. I believe that we can always overcome adversities. These struggles can come in many forms. I decided that I need to start reaching out to people who have overcome these adversities, and learn from them how they used these difficulties as a stepping stone… how these setbacks changed their lives for the better. I record my conversations with them, so that YOU can also learn from these amazing individuals. Take notes, and take massive action to make our lives better!
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Mar 31, 2016

I got to know about Rodrigo Caetano through one of Michael Hyatt’s newsletter which highlighted Rodrigo’s life transformation in 2015. I was so impressed with his achievements in 2015, immediately I reached out to him and he replied. He is a very accomplished man. He holds MBA degree from University of British Columbia. He is the Founder and past president of HSBC Speech Architects Toastmaster. He is currently principal consultant for WhiteLeaf Management consulting. Where he works on clients from various industry such as technology, mining and banking industries. Helping them in developing their strategic business plan. He speaks five different languages. The other side of him. He is a photographer, an author and a speaker. His biggest passion now is to use photography a means to help people find their creativity and also to reduce stress. Photography as a therapy that’s what he mentioned to me. He recently publish his photography book, Satellites, a collection of three year photography project, to showcase the different aspects of the day to day life of Brasilia suburbs captured in B&W Film. Well, I brought him as a guest not because of his expertise in composition or his achievement in professional life, those are the bonuses. More than that, I want him to share with us his tips in overcoming difficulties, especially in dealing with business failure.


Quotes from this Episode:

  • “Learning to overcome adversities is an essential skill.”
  • “You need to step back and see whether things are making sense, without the whole load of emotion, like you are watching a movie.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Accepting our failure and admitting that we have failed. Stop living in the past and stop wondering all the possibilities we could have done.
  • Build back confidence and momentum.
  • Building habit of writing and journaling to process what we go through in life.
  • Knowing when to continue move forward, pushing harder and when to quit and change your strategy.
  • Tips on taking great pictures:
    • Take picture with your heart.
    • Take picture with the equipment what you have.
    • Print your pictures.
  • Have focus: starting your day by writing down what are the important things I need to accomplish today.

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Mar 30, 2016

I’ve read about Josephus few times on media, but really got interested to learn more about him around end of November 2015. When he posted an open letter on his facebook to the students who about to get their PSLE result. At the end of the article he gave a message to always do your best and never give up. Josephus has transformed his life from troubled his teenager who involved secret societies, growing up as an alcoholic to a prominent lawyer. Some people called him rocker lawyer due to his long hair. He spends 1/3 of his time doing pro bono work, clocking over 5000 hours of pro bono work over six year.   The pro bono cases he takes are often to help troubled youth. In 2013 he is appointed by the law society of Singapore as pro bono ambassador.

He has received many awards one of them is Singapore youth award in July 2015, given out by National Youth Council, the highest accolade for young Singaporean who have made significant contribution to society.


Quotes from this Episode:

  • “Have you tried to do something good for yourself, not for other but for yourself?” The questioned asked by              Josephus’ father to him.
  • “You cannot move forward to the future without embracing your past. Not matter how ugly it was, you embrace them and recognize that it as something you cannot change.”
  • “To me livable means being hopeful, being happy, being positive, being inspired, being motivated”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Turning your life around starts with baby steps. Such as
    • Embracing your past rather than trying to erase them.
    • Be discipline, start small like wake up in the morning, brushing your teeth.
  • Having people who willing to walk the journey with you.
  • Helping and becoming a friend for someone in need. When we help somebody else, it is often that the experience actually help us.
  • Take time reflecting and have a closure every night. What went right, what went wrong, how things could have been better?

Persons mentioned in this Episode:

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Mar 29, 2016

  I got to know Elaine in School of Greatness Academy and a common friend Jessica connected us. Elaine is a high achiever at 26 year old she was the Vice President of business development and sales for a construction company. She left the job to pursue her passion and founded Neon Owl. A community that connects people through music, passion, and giving back. She interviews artist, entrepreneur organization within the music industry, to find out about what they do, their struggles and vision. She has a big focus on giving back to charity around the world


Quotes from this Episode:

  • “You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most”
  • “What’s the point of being the best of what you do, if you are not passionate about it”
  • “When you put out more good into this world.
  • The more you give, the more you get and you give people your time it will eventually comeback.”
  • “No one achieve extraordinary by doing ordinary things.”
  • “To always come from a place of compassion and to be genuine”
  • “To Dance like no one watching”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Although everything seems good, when you feel unsure about your situation or what you are doing, ask yourself, would I be happy going down this path. Ask yourself the hard question “If money doesn’t matter, what would I do”
  • Take responsibility to your personal development. Feed your mind with more knowledge, inspiration and positivity.
  • Go out there, network and surround yourself with the people who are already where you want to be at.
  • In pursuit your passion, there will be days when you work so hard but you don’t see the outcome.
  • Habit of Mindset: Do everything in your control and let it be. Living without regrets.
  • Focus on the solution not the issues. Don’t let the issues become the reason which tie you down.
  • Start asking yourself is WHY NOT?

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Mar 28, 2016

I met Tim in Lewis Howes School of Greatness Academy.  We formed a mastermind group with four other friends from different parts of the world.   Tim just recently sold his amazon business in January to focus taking his wine business, Veraison Wine Events, to the next level.  Prior to his entrepreneurship journey, he was in corporate world, responsible developing foot ware, apparel and medical devices and taking them to the market. Tim loves outdoor activities such as camping and skiing.


Quotes from this Episode:

  • “I do my best, and my best changes every day. Tomorrow best may not be as good as today’s best. But at the end of the day, I am still doing my best at that moment in time. That’s all that really matters.”

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Take a deep look inside yourself then understanding and focusing on improving yourself.
  • Clarify and breaking through fear by writing down the worst possible scenario.
  • Tim’s personal development routines.
  • Thinking outside the box, get out your comfort zone and challenging the common perception around us.
  • How Tim started his Amazon business with imperfections and goal of understanding how Amazon works.
  • Tomorrow best may not be as good as today’s best. But at the end of the day, I am still doing my best at that moment in time.
  • Take the first step, even it will not be perfect.
  • Don’t take anything personal.
  • Focus on what are you great and stop trying doing things you are not good.
  • Tim’s wine business which has friendly approach on helping people to learn about wine.

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Mar 27, 2016

Welcome to the Rebound Stronger Podcast.

My name is Fauzi and I am your host.

I am so excited to finally launch this podcast.


I want to start by asking you, have you ever fail?

I am sure most of us has experienced failure and setbacks.

Some people even have faced so much adversities

It can be childhood full of abuse,

being involved with gangsters or drug addicts,

went into jailed,

lost arms or legs,

loss of someone we love,

failure in relationship, or business,

bankruptcy , and many others.


Sometimes when we are in the middle of crisis,

it is difficult for us to see a way out,

to see a hope or the positive side of the situations.

I have the same problem.

I asked God, why why God,

I didn’t think I did anything wrong.

Why these things has to happened to me.


A little bit about myself,

I have been working as chemical engineer for about 14 years in energy industry mainly in oil and gas. Now I work with one of the biggest engineering company in the world.

And recently I moved into its consulting division.

I originally came from Jakarta, Indonesia.

But now settled in Singapore with my wife and two girls.

I am really dedicated with my present job, in the past I slept many times in the office to get things done.


A little background why I started this podcast

The first half of 2015 was the lowest point in my life,

It started good.

I was trusted to become a project manager for a small study for the first time.

I was so excited, we finished the first phase which I thought ended well.

While executing the second phase,

issues started popping up up, budget overran, client was upset.

I almost shutdown. I beat myself even more when I was down blaming myself for my inexperience.

I was so occupied with the project, I couldn’t see anything good in life anymore.

I felt like there is no point of waking up in the morning everyday just to face problems after problems which kept on piling up.

My wife said something which got me thinking.

Yes, I still have family and friend who really care about me, despite whether I am doing well at my job or not.

It wasn’t the first time that I felt so down.

The oil and gas industry situation didn’t help also.

As the oil price kept on dropping,

the industry shrinks massively,

job cuts are on the headlines of every major publications.

I saw the my colleagues had to leave one by one.

Slowly, I start mapping out what I need to do, who can help me to bring both the project and my life back on track.

I discussed with colleague and listened to the client. I worked with the team and my business manager to deliver the client expectation.

And ultimately we closed and delivered the project.

I know my ability to deal with this low periods will determine my future.

There will always be another low point in the future.

I will not get anywhere if I couldn’t handle these low points well.

I really need to change and get my life back in order. I am still learning.

I read lots of books, listened to so many podcast episodes,

take actions by joining several online groups.

I Started to appreciate more people and things around me.


Looking back, I really think that my difficulties weren’t really that bad.

I have seen people faced much worse situation,

yet they overcome and even become more successful after going through those difficulties.


Sometimes, we only see success moments,

when athlete receive gold medal,

when actor receive Oscar, when the start-up founder sold his business for 100 million $.

Success is an iceberg illusion.

The success moments, the celebration we see, it is just the tip of the ice berg,

we do not see the below part of the iceberg,

the cry, tears, sweat,

frustration, disappointment,

failure, persistence, hardwork,

all of those which came before the success.

I really like a quote from Michael Jordan the NBA legend:


"I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."


So what’s my vision with this podcast

I want to learn and find out how to rebuild my life and take it to the next level.

I want to surround myself with positive people.

I started reaching out to many successful people,

people who has overcome adversities, against all kind of odds,

yet they persist and become stronger.


With this podcast I document my journey in , rebuilding my life, finding myself and true passion.

I want to share my conversations with these amazing people

I personally choose the people I want to interview based on their life experience and achievements.

Many of them are successful entrepreneur, speaker, coaches who has built successful business.

I believe that we can learn something from the guests I interview.

I hope the stories told by the guests might resonate with listeners who will then take action based on the advices.  


How you can benefit from listening the podcast?

I am a big believer of taking action, action speak lauder than word.

Don’t just listened, it is easy to be inspired for a moment,

but as easy as it comes most of the time the motivation is also easy to disappear also at the very next challenge we face

Build momentum, Start somewhere, start moving to the direction of our goal.

It will not be easy, it will not be perfect, just like this podcast which far from perfect.

But the sense of making progress toward our goals it’s really worthwhile.

No matter where we are we can always change our future, we can have a better future.


Launch Period and Frequency

This episode is part of the launch period,

on the first day I will launch 3 episodes including this.

During the week launch period, I am going to release 1 episode every day.

Subsequently my goal is to launch 1 episode per week.


Call for Feed Back

Feel free to email me. Go to,

that goes to my inbox directly.

I would like to hear from you,

what would you like to hear more on this podcast,

perhaps you have guest who do you think will be a great guest for this podcast.

So shoot me an email.

Each episode is provided by show notes, so heads to the website to get the show notes which will cover key learning points from each guest and additional resources related to the episode.

So welcome, I really appreciate you time,

Thank you for listening to the Rebound Stronger Podcast.

Let’s journey together.